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FWD» began at central London's Velvet Rooms in 2001. This year it celebrates its seventh birthday. Seven groundbreaking years of exclusive beats to skank to and b-lines that make your chest cavity shudder. Call it dubstep, funky or grime this is a place for the celebration of forward moving London music.

Back when it started 2step garage was peaking: all swing and bling. FWD» was born as a place for London's underground headz who preferred grimey sounds to glitzy garms. The club soon moved to Plastic People, the ultimate soundbwoy venue. Dark, bassy and informal, headz poured off east London's dark streets to imbibe new music late into the night.

The club grew to become a bastion for fresh sounds. To dubstep, South London's dark garage hybrid, FWD» is its home. Grime, before it even was called grime, was flung down here. Now 2008's newest mutation, funky, is beginning to thrive. It's since grown to include one-off warehouse parties and a regular ramjammed session at The End, in conjunction with Rinse FM. DJs who have debuted here have gone on to become global superstars, from Skream to Kode9. MCs from Wiley, Dizzee Rascal and Ms Dynamite have graced the mic.

But FWD» is not just that it's a place that producers create all their beats for, or a place where DJs define themselves by their sets. What makes the club unique is its status as a cultural crossroads for the diverse melting pot that is London. No matter what ends you're from, if you like dark, heavyweight riddims, you reach FWD».

Martin Clark London 2009